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When someone thanks us, our automatic response is to say, “You’re welcome.” This is something that we have learned from our parents and family and have been doing for a long time. From the cradle to the grave, we are taught by society how to be polite. These days, when someone says, “Thank you,” our automatic response has become “You’re welcome.”

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  • Alternatives to Saying ‘You’re Welcome’ in a Text or DM
  • Better Ways to Say ‘You’re Welcome’ at Work or in a Professional Setting
  • Funny ‘You’re Welcome’ Messages
  • How to Say ‘You’re Welcome’ to Close Friends or Family
  • Different Ways to Say ‘You’re Welcome’ After Sending a Gift
  • ‘You’re Welcome’ Messages to Share After Doing Someone a Favor

What happens though, if you’re in the middle of a conversation and someone thanks you for doing something and the standard reply doesn’t feel right? It’s not always enough to simply say “You’re welcome,” especially when there are so many other ways you can respond to thank you instead.

Alternatives to Saying ‘You’re Welcome’ in a Text or Direct Message

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We live in a tech-filled world, and exchange multitudes of texts each day with our family, friends, and colleagues.

What if someone thanks you in a text or direct message (DM)? Are you going to respond with a plain ol’ “You’re welcome?” This certainly isn’t the only reply you can send to someone’s thank you note. Just as there are many ways to show gratitude, there are numerous ways to reply.

Here are several different ways to say "you're welcome" over text or by DM:

  • "The pleasure is all mine."
  • "It is my pleasure!"
  • "You're very welcome."
  • "Glad to help!"
  • "The feeling is mutual."
1. The pleasure is all mine.

This simple statement can come across as genuine, true, and pure. It conveys to the other person that you are genuinely happy to have been of some help to them. Text this back to the person who is thanking you, and you will make their day.

2. It is my pleasure!

Most people try to keep texts and DMs short, so you may typically see “You’re welcome” or “Sure” in response to a thank you. “It’s my pleasure” sounds polite and stands out from the multitude of text messages that may bombard a person’s phone.

3. You're very welcome.

Words leave a lasting impression and can make or break certain conversations. If, at the end of an exchange over text, instead of a plain “You’re welcome,” you add a few more keystrokes and say “You’re very welcome,” it can make your interaction much more meaningful.

4. Glad to help!

It is nice to know that the person who assisted you was genuinely invested. A simple “You’re welcome” isn’t able to get this message across. “Glad to help” can be a simple yet efficient way of letting the other person know that it was a nice experience for you as well.

5. The feeling is mutual.

It’s nice to know that your feelings are reciprocated. If you send this text message to the person thanking you, they’re bound to feel very happy!

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Better Ways to Say ‘You’re Welcome’ at Work or in a Professional Setting

The way you carry yourself in a work or professional environment is different than the way you act around your family and friends. The same applies to saying “You’re welcome” professionally.

Here are several different ways to say "you're welcome" in a professional setting:

  • "I am happy to be of assistance."
  • "No need at all."
  • "That's what good colleagues do."
  • "I'm glad that you're satisfied."
  • "I am here to help."
6. I am happy to be of assistance.

After you’re done with the task assigned to you by your boss, it’s always a good idea to respond with this once they thank you for your work.

7. No need at all.

Another polite option is “No need at all”’ and you can say it after your boss thanks you and you want to imply that thanking you isn’t necessary.

8. That’s what good colleagues do.

If you helped out your colleague in some way, this is the perfect response when they thank you later.

9. I’m glad that you’re satisfied.

If your boss thanks you for work that you’ve done, you may want to respond in a polite yet professional manner. This is a nice way of letting your boss know that their opinion and satisfaction matter to you.

10. I am here to help.

This sentence will let your boss know that your tasks and assignments are important to you, and you are invested in your job.

Funny ‘You’re Welcome’ Messages

Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? If you can make the other person smile and laugh with a funny variation to “You’re welcome,” they’ll enjoy your assistance and your reply!

Here are several funny ways to say "you're welcome":

  • "You'll get my bill in the morning."
  • "Oh, stop it, you!"
  • "I'll count on your vote in the next election!"
  • "You have no idea what I traded with the devil for it."
  • "Give me a pen, and I'll give you my autograph."
11. You'll get my bill in the morning.

This is a perfect way to let the other person know you were happy to help and are glad to be of service. They know you aren’t going to charge, so it comes across as a funny joke.

12. Oh, stop it, you!

This sentence will let the other person know that you have accepted their thanks and yet don’t want them to create a fuss about it. With the right tone, you can ham it up and make it sound like you’re a celebrity accepting their praise.

13. I’ll count on your vote in the next election!

If someone thanks you and you respond with this, they are bound to laugh and will get the message that you are happy to have helped with no strings attached.

14. You have no idea what I traded with the devil for it.

Trading your soul with the devil for the favor you did? Well, this will bring a smile to the other person’s face, and they will know that you appreciate their thanks for your hard work.

15. Give me a pen, and I’ll give you my autograph.

This is a funny way to say “You’re welcome” to a person, and leave them with a smile on their face.

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How to Say ‘You’re Welcome’ to Close Friends or Family

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Our family and friends help us deal with all kinds of situations in life and are always there for us. If you were able to help them in some way, it is imperative that you let them know that you were happy to have lent them a hand.

Here are several different ways to say "you're welcome" to friends and family:

  • "Anytime!"
  • "It was nothing."
  • "Don't worry about it."
  • "Don't mention it."
  • "I know you'd do the same for me."
16. Anytime!

This simple phrase lets your family and friends know that they can hit you up any time they want without having second thoughts or feeling bad about it. It also implies that you’d be happy to help them out again. It has a very informal and relaxed feel, all the while letting your family know that you are there for them.

17. It was nothing.

Even though this may sound dismissive in a formal and professional setting, it is perfect to use when you are with your family and friends. It lightens up the mood and tells your family that it wasn’t a big deal that you helped them out.

18. Don’t worry about it!

This is another way of letting your friends know that it wasn’t any trouble at all in a relaxed and friendly way.

19. Don’t mention it.

Friends are the ones who make you smile and hold your hand through the tough times in life. If you help them in some way, say ‘don’t mention it’ when they try to thank you and let them know that you appreciate all that they’ve done for you!

20. I know you’d do the same for me.

This is something that can sound wrong if you use it in a professional setting. However, if you say it with your close friends and family, it’ll let them know that they can count on you to support them when they are in difficulty

Different Ways to Say ‘You’re Welcome’ After Sending a Gift

It is often customary for a person to thank you after you give them a sympathy gift or any other gift. The million-dollar question is: How are you going to respond?

Here are several different ways to say "you're welcome" in response to a gift:

  • "I hope you enjoy it."
  • "I'm glad that you liked it."
  • "It's just a token of appreciation."
  • "You deserve it."
  • "It made me think of you."
21. I hope you enjoy it.

This simple sentence lets the other person know that you want them to enjoy the gift, and it would make you equally happy to know they did. This is a good message if the recipient knows you went out of your way to get it for them.

22. I’m glad that you liked it.

This is a slight variation of the phrase above. This phrase implies that you know the person has already enjoyed the gift you sent to show someone you care about them. While it’s probably safe to assume your gift was a hit, only use this phrase when you’re sure that the recipient of the gift liked it.

23. It’s just a token of appreciation.

Many times, when we give someone a gift, it’s meant to show our appreciation for them or something they’ve done. If this is the case and the recipient thanks you, use the opportunity to let them know that you value and cherish them.

24. You deserve it.

Life can treat us all unfairly from time to time. It may leave us feeling like we are unseen and unrecognized for the hard work we do. If you give someone a gift because you recognize their hard work and place in your life and they thank you, simply say, “You deserve it.” Then watch and see how much that small phrase encourages their heart and lifts them up.

25. It made me think of you.

Oftentimes, we look at something and are reminded of a friend, family member, or colleague. If you bought such a thing and gifted it to a person, it may be nice to respond with, “It made me think of you” when the other person thanks you for it.

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‘You’re Welcome’ Messages to Share After Doing Someone a Favor

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We often do little favors for our friends and colleagues to better their lives and bring a smile to their faces. When they find out and say “Thank you,” be ready with a better response than the traditional “You’re welcome.”

  • "It was my privilege."
  • "Honored to have helped."
  • "Just returning a favor."
  • "Let me know if I can help you in the future."
  • "You would have done the same in my shoes."
26. It was my privilege.

Saying “You’re welcome” over and over again may feel tiring and monotonous. If someone thanks you after you do a favor for them, use this sentence to spice up your responses. This will also let them know how much you enjoyed blessing them through your actions.

27. Honored to have helped.

Telling a person this will make them feel better for having asked you for a favor, and they will view you in a kind light. They’ll know that you didn’t mind and, in fact, you enjoyed it.

28. Just returning a favor.

If you helped someone because they helped you sometime earlier, then it is a nice way to tell them that you appreciated their efforts and responded in kind.

29. Let me know if I can help you in the future.

Using this as a response builds up mutual trust, and the other person will definitely reach out to you in the future if they need another favor.

30. You would have done the same in my shoes.

This is a nice way of letting the other person know that you did them a favor, and you know that they’d have done the same for you.

Speak From Your Heart

It can often be difficult to find the right response when someone thanks you for a gift, a favor, or for simply being you.

With the right words, however, you can be polite, courteous, funny, or professional in your reply. No matter what phrase you decide to use, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the words you say should come from your heart.

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