Frozen Jello Punch Recipe: Make Ahead and Freeze! (2024)

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ByMarty Walden

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Everyone will love this frozen jello punch, a favorite easy recipe to prepare ahead of time for weddings, parties, and showers with friends and family!

Frozen Jello Punch Recipe: Make Ahead and Freeze! (1)

Every momneeds to have a few special recipes that she is famous for.The number one that is at the top of my list is the world’s greatest slush punch! This frozen jello punch recipe!

I’ve served it my daughter’s wedding, my yearly Christmas parties, elephant themed baby shower, and as a holiday punch.

My oldest daughter loved it so much she talked me into making 18 gallons of it for her wedding. You read that right. 18 gallons! Now that’s a mama’s love right there! (Read how we threw a dream wedding for $5k here!)

People rave over this recipe! Seriously, it’s a guaranteed hit!

Frozen Jello Punch Recipe: Make Ahead and Freeze! (2)


  • jello powder
  • boiling water
  • sugar
  • lemon juice
  • pineapple juice
  • Ginger Ale or bottles of the lemon-lime soda

See the recipe card for quantities.


Step 1. Dissolve the jell-o mix in boiling hot water in large saucepan and set aside.

Step 2. Boil sugar and water and pour into jello.

Step 3. Cool and add lemon juice and pineapple juice to the mixture.

Step 4. Mix all together and divide mixture in separate containers for freezing.

Step 5. When ready to use, allow some time for defrosting then stir it around until you get a consistent slush and add 2 large bottles Ginger Ale.

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FAQs about frozen punch

Make ahead and put in freezer to save preparation time. This allows you to save precious preparation time on the day of your event.

Freeze in a freezer-proof container such as an inexpensive large pitcher made of plastic instead of leftover milk jugs. We learned the hard way at the wedding that you have to cut the top off the milk jug to get the frozen mixture out. You could also try freezing in an extra strong gallon ziplock bag.

My recommendation is to use small punch cups because your friends and family will drink every drop of this recipe! When I previously made this for my large Christmas party (about 40 people) I would make 1 1/2 times this recipe. You can always add more Ginger Ale to make it go farther.

Beverage Container Ideas

If you need a large beverage containerthis one has the removable ice conein the middle. It’s one of my favorite ways to serve punch. (However, honestly, you can’t dip out the fun slushy ice from this dispenser so it tastes better in a punch bowl. Your choice!)

Maybe a large punch bowl is more your style.This glass onealso comes with 8 glasses, perfect for a luncheon or party!

Substitutions for this recipe

  • Use any flavor jell-o but I prefer red (strawberry) or green gelatin. These are perfect for the holidays.
  • Don’t use grape jello because it ends up greyish pukey-looking. Just sayin’.
  • I haven’t tried it but you could give orange juice in place of the pineapple juice.
  • For an adult version you could also add a shot of vodka for the perfect combination of frozen drink and a bit of alcohol. I haven’t tried this so if you do, let me know how it turns out!

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Frozen Jello Punch Recipe: Make Ahead and Freeze! (10)

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Frozen Jello Punch

Guaranteed crowd pleaser and easy to make ahead of any occasion!

Calories 5794kcal

Author Marty’s Musings


  • 3 small pkg. jello any flavor
  • 9 cups boiling water
  • 4 cups sugar
  • 4 cups water
  • 16 oz. bottle lemon juice
  • 2 46- oz. cans pineapple juice
  • 2 large bottles Ginger Ale


  • Dissolve jello in boiling water and set aside.

  • Boil sugar and water and add to jello.

  • Cool and add lemon juice and pineapple juice to mixture.

  • Mix all together and freeze.

  • When ready to use, allow some time for defrosting then stir it around and add 2 large bottles Ginger Ale.


You can always stretch this recipe by adding extra Ginger Ale.

You might want to serve in small punch cups because people love this drink!

Can serve in beverage dispenser or punch bowl. Punch bowl will retain the icy slush better!

Frozen Jello Punch Recipe: Make Ahead and Freeze! (11)
Frozen Jello Punch Recipe: Make Ahead and Freeze! (2024)
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