FULL MATCH - 20-Man Battle Royal: Raw, Apr. 25, 2011 (2023)


Superstars from Raw and SmackDown collide in a Battle Royal featuring Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, Big Show, Drew McIntyre and more: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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>> Raw and Smack Down going at it in the [INAUDIBLE] Battle Royale.

As we welcome you here tonight to Monday Night Raw in the 2011, WWE Draft., This.

Maybe the most important night of the year in the WWE.

Careers are gonna change, lives are gonna change.

The entire atmosphere of WWE is gonna change tonight.

>> And of course.

This 20 Man over the top rope, Battle Royal between Raw versus Smack, down.

The winning team earning the first draft picks of Team Smack, Down, wins., A, Raw superstar will be randomly drafted to Smack Down and vice versa.

If team raw wins.

The, 10 members of Team, Smack, Down, 10 members of Team Raw.

And again, it gives- >> Traditional battle royale rules.

Here you gotta go over the top rope, both feet must touch the floor to be eliminated.

>> We are live tonight at the RBC center on the campus of North Carolina State University.

One of the most anticipated days of the year.

2011, WWE Draft., >>, Let's say, well, Royale's never started quite like.

It has tonight.

In key normally in a battle Royale, it's every man for himself.


Do you think that we're gonna see Smack down and Smack Down working together and RAW and RAW, working together., [INAUDIBLE], >>, Unbelievable., >>, Sheamus and Evan born in Kozlov, all working together.

Part of team.


You see members of Team Smack down, including Cody Rhodes and eat Slater for smashes there's.

The Big Show and drink coffee going at it.

>> So much high drama here tonight so much I'm alive at team Smack Down, just lost a huge member of their team.

And again.

Once all members of one team are eliminated.

The winning team will get a draft pick here tonight to kick off the 2011, draft.

>>, [INAUDIBLE], These, two giants, it's, a battle of the giants.

>> Slater, trying to get him, some., >>, Sound, strategy., Here.

My team Smack Down, looking to get rid of the great Khali., >>, And, Drew, McIntyre as well, getting involved.

There's, big, Brodus, Clay.

Great Kali is in trouble.

Big Show, trying to dump Khali.

>> This will be huge.

>>, Now, that's, a smart thing to do.

He's out >>, Huge, >>, Great, Khali's been eliminated., >>, Smack, Down., Well.

They teamed up on RAW giant., Got him, out.

[APPLAUSE], And, Weight, Bearing as Sheamus tries to eliminate Weight Bearing, the United States champion in the Intercontinental Champion [INAUDIBLE] >> That would have been huge [INAUDIBLE], >>, [INAUDIBLE], To, eliminate Kofi Kingston on the far side.

[INAUDIBLE] What, a shot from the Big Show for Yoshi Tatsu.

We have seen the entire collection of Raw and Smack Down change in the past via the WWE Draft.

How will it change this year? How will the landscape to the show's change? >> MacIntyre, trying to eliminate Daniel Bryan., >> Look at Brian hold on to those ropes.

He's, Dr.

Ryan, a former United, States champion, Maclntyre, former Intercontinental, Champion., >>, Who's out and Vladimir Kozlov appears to have been eliminated.

He was the referees Sending Kozlov back to the locker.


>>, [NOISE], >>, Let's.

Take a look here guys, at how Vladimir Kozlov was eliminated from this batte royale., >>, The action, happening heavy here, keep an eye on Oliver, but, you're, right, Vladimir, Koslov, gone., >>, Two member of the Raw have been eliminated.

Thus, far, eight members of Raw, remain., >>, And, look at The Big Show over in that far corner.

And, Big Ezekiel, just knocked out by Mark, Henry., And, Mark, Henry and Evan Bourne.

And not only did Mark Henry eliminate Ezekiel Jackson.

But he allowed Evan Bourne to get back into this match.

>> And.

It certainly answers your question.

I mean.

These two teams are operating just as that, teams.

>> Yeah.

This is Raw versus Smack.


Look at Sheamus, upside down.

>> Sheamus is in trouble.

Cody Rhodes.

The United States champion, born trying to save Sheamus, his RAW teammates.


Do you think that would ever happen? >>, I, don't know, but I'm glad he did.

So, many changes in the past in the WWE, the seat Slater's living in.


Remember the year back in 2008, when good old Jim Ross was drafted from RAW to SmackDown and I came over and became a staple.


Chris Masters has been eliminated.

>> That was one of the darkest days in WWE history., >>, Well, Kane.

You know, there's, big rumors going around that I may get drafted as a wrestler.

This year., >>, Another, elimation.

Wade Barrett is gone.

That is an announcer.

I stopped going sky high since I beat you at WrestleMania.

I think I won the first round.

>>, [APPLAUSE], >>, Now, Cole.

You can talk about yourself and the draft for so long.

But so many amazing things have happened at the WWE draft.

How about in 2005- >> Look at this., >>, When, John, Cena- >>, Ted, DiBiase eliminated over the top rope., >>, Cena drafted from Smack Down to Raw as the WWE Champion.

>> Well, that changed the entire complexion of the WWE.

Mark Henry and big Brodus Clay have been eliminated.

>>, My, gosh., >>, And, look at Big, Show, Big, Show, the largest man remaining.

The World's Largest Athlete., >> Things are looking good for Team.

Smack Down, right? Now., [NOISE], >>, Team, Raw with six members, remaining.

I, believe, Team, Smackdown., >>, [INAUDIBLE], make it five.

>> There goes Tatsu.

>>, Team, Smackdown with four members remaining in this match up.

Five for Raw.

>>, Down, here, Cody, Rhodes, Sheamus' got it.


Look at Mclntyre, saving Cody Rhodes.

One of our tag team champions back in [INAUDIBLE.

Speaking of champions.

Remember back in 2008, when Triple H was drafted to Smack Down.

He was the WWE Champion at the time.

[SOUND], >>, And, it's, not unusual for a champion to be drafted from one show to the other.

>> Remember.

The first ever draft.

2002? The Rock was drafted- >>, Look, out., >>, On that night.


Our biggest draft picks ever., >> How about tag teams being separated as a result of the draft? No.

>>, Thank, goodness.

Sheamus, the United States champion.

If he were to be drafted to SmackDown.

Tonight, he'd bring the United States title to Friday nights., >>, [INAUDIBLE], McIntyre., >>, Very.

Impressive maneuver there by true MacIntyre Smack Down is in control of this Battle Royale who ballooned the first draft, pick 2011.

>>, Hang, on, look, out., >>, The, Big, Show, the head.

>> We're back live on the road.

This is the 2011, WWE draft.

Raw verses, Smack, Down., >>, The, winning team of the all important.

First draft, pick up the evening.

>> And, right now.

I believe we're all even four on four.

>> Again.

The three and a half are on Daniel Bryan was just squashed by the Big Show.

>> Whoever is eliminated first all team members.

The other team gets the first draft pick., [INAUDIBLE], traditional Battle Royal rules over the top rope, both feet hit the floor, you're eliminated, just like McIntyre, was., Drew, McIntyre, Smack down lose and Drew.


That is big.


Look at now.

It is four on three Monday night, RAW in control right now.

But Smack Down with a big show of a wild card.

>> Santino holding on here.

Well, we're, getting closer and closer to finding out who the first.

>> Cobra.

>> Cobra is blocked.

>> The Cobra just got stopped by The, Big, Show., >>, Cobra, eliminates, Santino., >>, What?, [NOISE], >> How did that happen? >>, The, Cobra, strikes., >>, Guys, The, Big Show was affected by last year's draft coming over to Smack Down.

And now the Big Show happen to be the WWE tag team.

Champions., >> As much as I don't like Daniel, Bryant, I.

Guess I have to give him credit for going after the Big Show again, although I don't, how smart he is.

[NOISE], >>, Big, Show, the world's largest athlete.

Look at Cody Rose talking trash., >> There is big Mason, Ryan, [NOISE], >>, [INAUDIBLE], Professor, Ryan, >>, And.

He goes Daniel.

Bryan, >>, I know, one thing the entire Raw and Smack Down rosters left backstage are just waiting on edge to find out who is gonna be the first or who's gonna get the first draft >> It's count down to the final for two on two big show and Kofi Kingston from Smackdown Mason Ryan epic, born from raw, >> One.

Good thing for Royal.

Big Show, early on in this match.

He's, a little bit hobbled.

He got his leg, clipped I, don't know how he is now.

>>, [INAUDIBLE], Ryan, [INAUDIBLE] Ryan can eliminate him.


This is a battle of springs right? There.

[Inaudible], Miami.

Boy, >>, Battle of wills as well with Born and Kingston.

>> Able to block that, Born attempt.

Watch out here.

Thanks to holding on.

Big right hand by Kofi, Kingston., [INAUDIBLE].

Look at these two going at it it's all., All about pride.

It's all about pride for your brand.

>>, Watch, your feet.

Evan Bourne.

He did not touch the floor.

>> Both feet is inches away from being eliminated.

>> Look at Kofi.

>> This is amazing.

>> What, an action.

>>, [APPLAUSE], >>, Who's gonna win this draft pick? >>, [NOISE] >> Guys are going tooth and nail for it.

>>, [NOISE], >>, Watch, out, Evan.

[APPLAUSE] What is Big Show.

The world's largest athlete have in mind.

Here?, [APPLAUSE], We're gonna have a look at [INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK] >>, The, big, show, >> And I'll mention why the wall wants to win at Big Show and Kofi Kingston still alive for Smack down >> Have been born like a rag doll by the Big Show., [APPLAUSE], >>, Kofi Kingston and the Big Show.

>> Working together here to make sure its SmackDown.

>>, Again., >>, [INAUDIBLE], >>, [SOUND], And 2000, [INAUDIBLE] Draft, >>, [INAUDIBLE], Smack, Down, >>, What, a battle [INAUDIBLE] Monday night.

Raw tonight [INAUDIBLE] has won the first pick in the 2011, WWE Draft.


It gonna be >> Celebrations for Big Show and Cody.

Perfect kicks in I.

Guarantee you the Smack Down lock room is a static as well.

>> Here.

We go.

>> Here.

We go, let's find out who it is.

>> Let's find out who's gonna join Friday night, Smack, Down., What.

You gotta be kidding.

Me., >>, [APPLAUSE], >>, Somebody, fix that computer.

This, isn't, right., Somebody do something.


John Cena is on Friday.




This is some sort of a joke, right?, [MUSIC], [INAUDIBLE] say, something., >>, I'm in shock.


[MUSIC]., >>, Ladies and gentlemen, John Cena >> John Cena has Monday Night Raw for six years.



What episode was last Monday night Raw? ›

How can I watch all WWE episodes? ›

On a Web Browser
  1. Go to www.wwe.com/wwenetwork.
  2. Select RAW or SMACKDOWN from the secondary navigation menu.
  3. Looking for older episodes? Use the filters to narrow down the listing to a specific year.

What is battle royal in wwe? ›

In professional wrestling, a battle royal (sometimes battle royale; plural battles royal or battle royals) is a multi-competitor match type in which wrestlers are eliminated until one is left and declared the winner.

How many episode does WWE have? ›

WWE SmackDown
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons24
No. of episodes1243
18 more rows

What is the longest running TV show WWE Raw? ›

Monday Night Raw is the longest-running weekly episodic program in the U.S. with more than 1,500 original episodes. The two-hour Friday Night SmackDown airs live on FOX in primetime at 8PM ET.

When did Raw go to 2 hours? ›

Beginning on March 10, 1997, broadcasts of Raw were split into two hour-long blocks, each given its own name for television ratings purposes. The first hour was referred to as Raw Is War, and the second became known as War Zone.

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