Saffron Milk Recipe | How To Make Saffron Milk | Indian Kesar Milk (2024)

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Saffron milk recipe or Indian kesar milk is a healthy and delicious drink for winters. Kesar milk is whole milk insured with the goodness of saffron. It is widely consumed across India for health benefits. You can easily make saffron milk at home with just 3 ingredients. Here is how to make Indian kesar milk with step by step photos.

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This kesar milk is my favorite one among flavored milks. I prefer to have it chilled but usually it is recommended that you drink it warm.

Few other favorite flavored milks of us are cardamom milk, haldi dhoodh, pistachio milk, badam paal, masala paal, rose milk 🙂

What is Saffron Milk?

Kesar means saffron in India. It also goes by the name kungumapoo in Tamil and jafron in some places. Basically saffron milk is milk that is infused with saffron and sweetened. It is one of the widely recommended drink for women during pregnancy.

kesar milk can be made plain or you can add some crushed nuts for some texture. Also You can add some cardamom powder for extra flavor. I however do not add any other flavoring as that will overpower the delicate flavor of saffron.

Indian kesar milk can be made by soaking the saffron in milk for 15 minutes or by simmering the milk after mixing saffron for 5-7 minutes. I prefer the later method as it is quick.

Always use whole milk for making saffron milk as it improves the taste. I have also seen recipes using condensed milk but do not use it if you are consuming saffron milk for health reasons.

This Saffron Milk Recipe Is

Delicious, rich and flavorful

Quick & easy to make

Requires only 3 ingredients

Vegetarian & gluten free

Can be made vegan by using dairy free milk

Very healthy beverage for toddlers, kids & adults.

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Saffron Milk During Pregnancy?

One very big myth prevailing in India is that saffron or kesar will improve the complexion of baby. That is pregnant women are often made to consume saffron milk in the belief that will improve the skin tone of baby.

Well it is a myth and drinking kesar milk will not alter the complexion of baby. But drinking saffron milk during pregnancy is very good and has its own benefits.

Saffron Benefits for Female

  • Induces good sleep
  • It helps in digestion
  • Decreases morning sickness
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • relaxes the muscles
  • Reduced chance of allergies

How To Prepare Saffron Milk For Pregnant Ladies?

It is important to make and consume this drink knowing well that drinking saffron milk is not going to improve the complexion of the baby but it does has its own health benefits for he pregnant woman.

But you should never consume in excess. Not more than 4 strands a day is what I have heard. Saffron milk is best consumed at night during pregnancy.

Saffron also increases body heat so it is a good drink for toddlers and kids during winters. Again not is excess and just 3-4 strands in milk. When you consume it with milk it is actually very good for health.

Not only for pregnant women or kids, this kesar milk is a delicious drink that everyone can sip on along with

  • turmeric milk
  • badam milk
  • rose milk
  • masala milk.

You can serve this milk hot or warm or even chilled. Just chill the prepared milk for few hours and serve it cold. It tastes equally delicious just like warm milk.

What could be more comforting than a cup of warm saffron milk during winters 🙂 Indulge yourself in a glass of flavored milk with world’s most expensive spice 🙂

How To Make Vegan Saffron Milk?

You can easily make this kesar milk vegan by using non dairy milk. I suggest using almond milk for this recipe.

Just gently warm the almond milk first.

Add sugar, saffron strands and mix well.

Keep on gentle simmer for 3-4 minutes. Serve

Do not vigorously boil the almond milk.

Drinking Saffron Milk Everyday Benefits

Saffron milk is not only delicious but it is also loaded with health benefits. Some of the excellent health benefits of saffron are

Helps in curing insomnia and promotes good deep sleep

Reduces stress and tackles mood swings & acts as a mood booster

Increases memory power and maintains good brain health.

Warms the body, helps in fighting sore throat, common cold

Rich in anti oxidants and anti inflammatory too.

Recipe Notes and Tips

Do not add too much sugar if you are consuming this milk during pregnancy or making for toddlers and kids.

You can add 1 tablespoon almond slivers while serving.

Along with saffron you can add 1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder per serving

The recipe can be doubled or tripled.

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Saffron Milk Recipe | How To Make Saffron Milk | Indian Kesar Milk (3)

How To Make Saffron Milk Or Kesar Milk

Bring milk to a boil

Saffron Milk Recipe | How To Make Saffron Milk | Indian Kesar Milk (4)

Add sugar, saffron strands and mix well.

Saffron Milk Recipe | How To Make Saffron Milk | Indian Kesar Milk (5)

Saffron Milk Recipe | How To Make Saffron Milk | Indian Kesar Milk (6)

Simmer for 3-5 minutes. You can also add a pinch of badam milk powder.

Saffron Milk Recipe | How To Make Saffron Milk | Indian Kesar Milk (7)

Serve kesar milk hot or warm.

I hope you will try this saffron milk recipe and enjoy as much as we did. Please give a star ratingin the recipe card below. Follow us onPinterest,Instagram,Facebook for more recipes and ideas.

Saffron Milk Recipe Card

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Saffron Milk Recipe | Indian kesar Milk Recipe


Saffron milk recipe is a delicious and healthy flavored milk infused with saffron strands. healthy warming drink for pregnant woman, toddlers and kids.

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Prep Time 5 mins

Cook Time 10 mins

Total Time 15 mins

Course beverage, Drinks

Cuisine Indian

Servings 3

Calories 110 kcal

1 CUP = 250 ml


  • 3 cups whole milk
  • 15 saffron strands a tiny pinch for each cup
  • 3 teaspoons sugar


  • Bring milk to a boil

  • Add sugar, saffron strands and mix well.

  • Simmer for 3-5 minutes.

  • Serve kesar milk hot or warm.


Calories: 110kcal

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Saffron Milk Recipe | How To Make Saffron Milk | Indian Kesar Milk (2024)
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