Sweet Potatoes With Tahini Butter Recipe (2024)



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OK I try not to weigh in often but as a physician who has recently lost over 25 pounds, can I say that a vegetable 'fat bomb' of this nature fits in beautifully with starch and fat cravings while contributing vitamins and fiber that are so much better than any processed foods? Eating this recipe weekly is part of the secret to my success!


We frequently eat baked sweet potatoes that are wrapped in foil paper. This time I baked one in the oven in foil paper and steamed one. The steamed one was tasted bland; the baked one was deliciously sweet. The tahini butter was a nice touch, but was unnecessary with the baked one. I'll stay with baking.


We use the Instant pot. Usually 8 minutes with high pressure, although maybe somebody else has used its steam function.


This is one of the BEST recipes I've come across on here. It's delicious. I've made it several times in the past few weeks at the request of friends and family. And I've been asked to share the recipe several times as well. Delicious with Japanese yams, and works great if subbing tamari for soy, too. Definitely a winner!Full disclosure: I cooked my sweet potatoes in the microwave, because I'm often short on time and also I'm a complete heathen.


If you’re thinking of trying this recipe and are wondering what this unusual combination of flavors will taste like, well, close your eyes and try to imagine sweet potatoes covered with a sauce of tahini, butter, and lime juice. If that sounds appealing, this recipe might be for you. Unfortunately, I did not experience the thrill of “crunch, salt, umami and acidity” promised by the recipe, just a bunch of flavors that didn’t go particularly well together.


I always microwave them for 11 minutes, they turn out fine, so easy....


When I made up the tahini butter and tasted it, I had serious doubts and thought that peanut butter would make a better topping. However, I always follow a recipe's directions to the hilt on the first try reserving the right to modify it later. I was wrong. This is a keeper. I have a 4x8 raised bed in my garden devoted to sweet potatoes and next winter a lot of them are going to get steamed. Delicious!


This is delicious. Totally disagree with the person who said the flavors don't come together. You have to use a fair amount of salt on the sweet potatoes and then squeeze a good amount of lime on at the end. As Samin describes, you will wolf one down in 2 bites standing over your sink.


This is fabulous! Come on people, sweet potatoes are bland to begin with. Why is everyone harping on the blandness? That's what the Tahini butter is for. Followed the recipe as written, steaming and all. Potatoes were perfect as to tenderness, Tahini butter is outstanding. Gives the sweet potato a great and different flavor. Had this with Melissa Clark's Grilled Flank Steak. To die for. Stop harping on fat, and all the negatives. This is great food NOT junk food as someone said.

SF Mamma

The tahini butter is great with rice, wilted greens (kale, collard greens) and even on pan-fried tofu! Great umami flavor.


Actually, the best way to cook a sweet potato: with skin on, wash, prick a few times with a fork, place on a paper towel in the microwave. Heat on high around 3-4 minutes until the potato feels somewhat soft to the touch (time will vary depending on the size of the potato and how many). Immediately remove and wrap tightly in foil. You should be able to hear it still bubbling and cooking in the foil. Leave it about 10 minutes, unwrap, and you have a buttery soft, sweet, perfectly cooked potato


Made this for my Dad for father’s day, it is absolute heaven. We put little more garlic and salt, lots of lime. I will never broil sweet potatoes again, they were heaven! My toddler also loved the tahini butter. This is a new staple in our house. Thanks, Samin, for sharing w us!

Alonna Smith

I want try some togarashi instead of the sesami seeds. I think the sweet potaotes wouldn't mind a little heat and a whiff of dried tangerine rind.


depends on whether you'd rather spend a few minutes whisking or a few minutes washing out the parts of your food processor.


Turned this into a bowl by scooping the potatoes out of their jackets, spreading tahini butter on top, sprinkling with sesame seeds, and then adding a poached egg. It seemed to require slightly less butter that way, and also allow for better flavor distribution.

Holly PDX

At first bite, I thought "wow, this is a really weird combo of flavors," but now I am addicted to the tahini butter and the mix of tastes it adds. I didn't try steaming the potatoes; I prefer the richness of roasted and how it crisps up the skin. Super delicious! I'm making them again for lunch. On the other hand, my husband just didn't care for them, so they are not to everyone's taste.

Use Less Salt Soy And Garlic And More Tahini

Unctuous. The definition of unctuous.


LOVE this. I just roasted the potatoes because I had the oven on and they were perfect. Also just put all the wet ingredients (including cold butter) in a bowl on my stove’s melt setting until I was ready. Easy peasy and was ready to go when I was done with the rest of the meal.

Donna Brassard

I really like the steaming cooking method. The potatoes were soft and fluffy. However, not a fan of the sauce. Flavors didn’t seem to go well together. Not terrible, but not great.


This was delicious! Simple and very satisfying.


Did not like the texture of the steamed sweet potato. To save time you could microwave it but I think baking will yield the best results. Also, there is already a lot of flavor in the butter so I do not think you need to sprinkle the potato with salt. The butter is delicious.


Mmm tahini butter. Trying to figure out what else I can use it on.


The tahini butter tasted waaay too intense so I was a little nervous, but once it was on the potatoes it was perfect! Next time will follow others advice and make this a bowl- some rice, greens and roasted chickpeas would be great with it.


This is a fantastic dish!

Cook in Chicagoland

We made the tahini butter for dipping sweet potato fries. Delicious! My only comment is that the room temperature butter wasn’t quite soft enough to smoothly combine with the other ingredients, and we had bits of butter throughout. Next time I’ll nuke the butter first, to soften it a bit more, before adding all the other ingredients.


Really strange. Really good.


Using about a tablespoon of avocado oil instead of butter and loving the result!


I have made this every week since first making it a year ago. It is our favorite easy weeknight meal with a side salad. It never gets old!


Absolutely fantastic. I used the microwave method suggested by a commenter—couldn’t be easier.


I have made this several times and love it. Tonight, after a discussion with my Dr. about my rising cholesterol and the suggestion that I limit my consumption of “food that had or came from four legged animals” I tested skipping the butter all together and adding warm water to loosen the sauce. I have to say I didn’t notice a difference, it tasted and felt just as rich and delicious, so I will stick with the alteration.

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Sweet Potatoes With Tahini Butter Recipe (2024)
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