The 6 best sunsets in St. Augustine (2024)

Vilano Beach Fishing Pier is a hidden gem in St. Augustine, offering a tranquil escape from the bustling energy of the city. The pier boasts an Art Deco design with charming tiled fountains and retro vibes, making it a perfect spot for fishing, sunset viewing, or simply enjoying the ocean backdrop. Historically, Vilano Beach was frequented by guests of the luxurious Hotel Ponce de Leon in 1888.

One of my favorite places. Got engaged here, so far know follow through with that.Love the swings and the fish must be biting with all the people waiting in line to buy bait at the store.

Heather M — Google review

Nice environment . Den several jelly’s and caught some catfish. Some stingrays were caught by others . Turtles in the water .

Sativa F — Google review

Beautiful one of my top favorite spots. Park or walk from your hotel, take a stroll down the wide pathway. Fish if you like. We didn't see any manatees but I am sure if we watched long enough we would have. Pelicans flying around landing for food,we didn't have. Fantastic gorgeous stroll summer,fall, winter or spring! Stop by and enjoy! Stop at the shops near the opening also.

Cissy F — Google review

We enjoyed the pier alot. Great views, talked to all the fishermen, seen a live puffer fish. It's worth the stop.

Deb S — Google review

Best sunset pictures of St. Augustine. The bar right next door is just as amazing with live music and very reasonable prices. The tackle and bait shop is amazingly clean and well organized. Make the trip, you will not be disappointed!

John K — Google review

What a lovely place. I would thoroughly recommend coming to visit this area. The views across to St Augustine are amazing.

Tony S — Google review

Great time..Perfect for a day with some friends and a fishing pole. Beautiful View of St.augustine Florida

Dean H — Google review

Very cool place to visit, not too crouded, and it has an awesome view of the river! Saw some dolphins swimming around while we were there. Super cool place to visit and to see the scenery! Great location to fish too, loads of space. Definitely a must see.

Jacob E — Google review

Nice pier. Apparently some of the local big birds hang out here for easy meals. The pelican was not scared of me at all. I was able to rub his back. Surprised how soft his feathers were.

rhsikes — Google review

A really nice fishing spot and it looks like the whole area is improving, it is a bit messy. Definitely a worth while trip, especially if you happen to see some dolphins.

Nicolas D — Google review

Came out to the Kingfish for a bit. Gorgeous day as you can see. The waters were alive with sailboats, people, bars fishermen, tourists and you name it...a lot of fun.

Steven A — Google review

Beautiful spot for photos fishing great spot for picnics and there's some wonderful shops and restaurants nearby

Rhonda W — Google review

Kudos to whoever built the shaded benches on this fishing pier. Had an excellent time fishing for flounder here. Met some lovely folks on the pier.

Jack P — Google review

Nice place to fish. Not real close to tourist areas. The area has a few restaurants ND a couple shops. It is under construction right now.

P D — Google review

The pier is in very good condition, with a fishing platform, a platform for washing and cleaning fish, toilets, and a sunshade. There are also charging stations, chairs, and parking free of charge. There is a supermarket within 100 meters, and you can stay overnight on the roadside for free. This place is a good choice when traveling to Florida by RV. There are all kinds of fish🐠, which is a good place for fishing and rest.,

Peter's F — Google review

Eager to witness the enchanting sunset in St. Augustine, we conducted some pre-visit research and settled on the Vilano Beach Pier as our destination.Navigating the vast parking lot, we were pleased to find ample and stress-free parking at the pier. As we strolled onto the pier, the scene unfolded with numerous families engaged in the joy of fishing, creating a vibrant yet laid-back atmosphere.Our time at the pier was truly delightful, marked by a breathtaking sunset unfolding before our eyes. We seized the moment, capturing its beauty in a series of stunning photographs. The Vilano Beach Pier, with its picturesque setting, undoubtedly offers an enjoyable experience for everyone who decides to spend an evening there.

Nishant N — Google review

Vilano's pier is a great place to fish, watch the sunset, take pics, walk the pier, walk your pups, etc! There's a small parking lot right in front of the pier and many other places not far from the pier, to park if need be.I've even seen a cool, smaller octopus come up onto the beach right under the pier!! Very pretty spot to hangout and relax🏖

Megan S — Google review

Great place to catch the sunset. There's a beautiful ship you can watch sail out and back in at dusk. Very picturesque.

Sassy S — Google review

This place allows for an elevated perspective, where the hustle and bustle of the city's traffic combines with the serene beauty of the setting sun, creating a dynamic and visually stunning scenery.

Vigneshwar M — Google review

The fishing portion of the pier is well-designed, with lots of room between the sides, cleaning tables, and drainage pipes that can be used to hold a fishing pole. We live on a sailboat and appreciate the free dinghy dock close to a Publix grocery store. A couple of the local water tours pick up off the dinghy dock also.In our week-long experience, everything has been clean and very well maintained.

Daniel G — Google review

Nice pier. Tide was very low so I didn't see any fish coming over the rail. Very spacious as well.

Mister S — Google review

Excellent place to breathe fresh air and walk with the family. If you like to fish, you have a good spot with tables with running water ready to clean your catch.

Ariel T — Google review

I personally caught a ton of gofftopsail catfish here (4 out of 5 were very good size), but it's just awesome to have a public 24 hour fishing spot in the area. It's free, it's reasonably well maintained (clean), and the dock even has multiple tables for cutting bait with running water every 50 feet or so. The bathrooms were clean and open all night (no soap is the only complaint there) and all the people I fished around were extremely friendly.I'm extremely grateful to have found this awesome fishing spot and will certainly be back in the future. Great for saltwater fishing that isn't in the surf or off a boat, and could feed a family fishing here for a few hours here from what I've seen!

William C — Google review

The 6 best sunsets in St. Augustine (2024)
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